Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Modelry: Holiday Warhammer Painting #4 - Tomb Kings and desert basing

Task number two from my original Christmas painting task list: Tomb Kings army progress!

I've made some headway on a few units, so things are starting to look a bit more 'finished'. You can compare to the 'before' pictures here.

Khemrian Warsphinx

This is looking a bit nicer now I've finally sorted out the basing:

Desert base for Khemrian Warsphinx
Desert base complete with scorpion
Khemrian Warsphinx with desert base
War-kitty all finished!

Desert basing

To get the desert effect I coat the base with PVA glue and then tip on some sand (just like using glitter when you were small, though I still make just as much mess). Once the glue is dry, the whole base gets a few coats of paint:

  • Base coat of orangey-brown acrylic paint (Bestial Brown from the old Citadel range, replaced with Mournfang Brown)
  • Heavy dry-brush of yellowey-brown (Citadel Bubonic Brown, now Zamesi Desert).
  • Dry-brush of ivory (Citadel Tyrant Skull dry paint)
  • The edge of the base is painted with two coats of light brown (Citadel Graveyard Earth, now Steel Legion Drab)

Sepulchral Stalkers

I've also done some basing work done on these, so the unit is now finished apart from some matte varnish.

Tomb Kings Sepulchral Stalkers with desert bases
Finished! Sepulchral Stalkers with desert base

Rocks and grass

The big rocks are pieces of cork, an idea stolen from my husband who bought a pot for basing his Beastmen army ('Decorplus cork boulders' from Antenocitis Workshop, if anyone likes the look of them).

The little rocks are from a bag of little slate chips (via EBay). All the rocks are painted in the same way as the cliffs and bricks on the Skullvane Manse model described in my last post.

The 'desert grass' is Citadel Mordheim Turf from Games Workshop, basically a sticker sheet of little grass clumps that you peel off and glue to your base.

Desert basing - Tomb Kings
Desert basing with rocks and grass

Screaming Skull Catapault

Again, more basing done, but a lot to painting to go on these. You can see in the picture below how little method there is to my progress - each of the four models in the set have a bit of paint on them but have been left at completely random points!

Tomb Kings - Screaming Skull Catapault
Screaming Skull Catapault - part painted

High Queen Khalida and Liche Priest

Khalida has a painted snake staff and base, but not much else! I've had to varnish her mid-paint - she's my first metal model and the paint chips off really quickly! Hopefully the varnish will help.

Priesty has his new face-bandage made of Green Stuff and a new end for his staff which I need to sand down.

Warhammer Tomb Kings - High Queen Khalida and Liche Priest
High Queen Khalida and Liche Priest
Tomb Guard
The initial set of 10 are now based, finally!
Warhammer Tomb Kings - Tomb Guard with bases

I mentioned that I had 20 more to build and paint - it turns out that I actually had 30! Argh! I did make some progress with them though; everything is off of the sprues and the little skele-bodies are on bases!

Warhammer Tomb Kings - Tomb Guards part built | Random Nerdery
Tomb Guard - Not sure I can field these yet...

Skeleton Horsemen

Not sure if these are good for anything in the army, but they're finished!

Warhammer Tomb Kings - Skeleton Horsemen
Skeleton Horsemen - done!

Skeleton Chariots

I still need to build and paint the crew for the final three chariots, but it's sort of field-able!

Warhammer Tomb Kings - Skeleton Chariots
Skeleton Chariots - getting there!

Progress Chart!

Progress chart - Tomb Kings modelling, basing and painting

Although I think I may have thrown a spanner in the works of progress... New project: Necropolis Knights!

Warhammer Tomb Kings - Necropolis Knights