Tuesday 15 March 2016

Cardboard - Colt Express board game review

Robbing a train had seemed like such a great idea at the time. You had your plan all figured out: charge into the next carriage, punch the guy in the ridiculously impractical white stetson, grab some shiny loot, climb up onto the carriage roof and escape in generally awesome fashion.

Except that's not *quite* how it went...

Bursting into the carriage, you found stetson-guy already holding the shiny loot. Before you could punch him in his stupid smug face he was already halfway out of the window, making his escape to the roof. He'd cleaned the place out, so you had nothing to do but stand there looking confused as the door opposite slammed open to reveal an angry looking marshal with a gun, which he wasted no time in firing at you.

Scrambling onto the roof for safety, you wondered briefly who you'd upset in a past life as a passing cargo hook caught your belt and swung you (in a rather undignified manner) towards the back of the train where you managed to catch hold of the edge of the roof. So here you are, clinging by your fingertips to the back of a moving train, looking furious but resigned and wondering why on earth you thought 'outlaw' was such a great career choice in the first place...

Colt Express board game review