Sunday 11 October 2015

Podcast Love - Serial

What can I possibly say about it that hasn't already been said? This was the point my husband made when I mentioned to him that I'd never written anything about listening to Sarah Koenig's Peabody Award winning podcast Serial.

It's a good point, well made.  But this blog functions more as a gathering together things that I like, rather than necessarily providing new information all the time.  Perhaps one day someone who hasn't heard of Serial (enjoying a Starbucks after being sequestered under a rock for a couple of years, perhaps) will stumble across this in the wilds of the internet and decide to have a listen.  If it's useful to anyone, ever, I shall feel happy.

Serial came out in late 2014 as a spin-off from journalistic non-fiction radio show This American Life (also worth a listen, by the way!)

Over twelve episodes it follows Koenig's investigation of the 1999 murder of American teenager Hae Min Lee and the subsequent accusation, conviction and imprisonment of her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed. Saying much more about what happens in the episodes would ruin the experience of listening to it all unfolding, so I'll stop there.

True crime isn't normally my thing, but even for me this was fascinating from start to finish. Koenig's skill for telling a story is obvious, laying out the evidence clearly but still managing to add a personal commentary that stops the investigation becoming clinical.

I wanted to listen to the whole thing back-to-back, but I'd recommend rationing it out as once you run out you'll wish there was more!

A second series is due to come out in Autumn 2015, so fingers crossed that this will arrive soon. In the meantime, if you haven't already, go and have a listen to series one at the Serial website.