Wednesday 12 August 2015

Random Nerdery Redux

Back in 2013 I started a little blog named 'Random Nerdery' to document the silly things I do in my spare time. I'm not sure if anyone really read it, but it was fun to write, take pictures and feel like I was creating something. Then, about six months later, I fell pregnant and my whole world changed. I was too busy/tired/sick to do much in the way of painting or gaming, let alone write about it afterwards!

It turned out that I created something much more exciting than a blog, and the beautiful, special little boy who arrived is the best thing that has ever happened to my little family.

Whilst up at 4am one day, feeding said little boy, I decided to delete the whole Google account containing the blog, thinking 'I'll never need this again!' and didn't really look back.

But now he's a little bigger we seem to be creeping back to a state approaching normality, with 'evenings' (the meaning of this word was lost to me for some months) to spare and I find myself wanting to write again. This may, in part, be due to the need to justify the purchase of a slightly overpriced Bluetooth keyboard case for my new tablet. Oh, and the tablet itself. But! Also to drive myself to get off of the sofa and do something worth writing about, rather than the current 'phew, the baby is asleep, let's sit and watch TV' default.

I'll need to start from scratch, as it turns out that when Google said 'account deleted', they really meant it. Some of the old posts may get salvaged from the (frankly terrifying!) archives of the interwebs and trusty old Evernote, although a lot of my previous posts are probably best consigned to oblivion...

By way of (re)introduction, here is my optimistic original first post from Random Nerdery, along with a couple of updates:

Over the past couple of years I've thought about starting a blog a couple of times.  Circumstances and a tendency to procrastinate meant that I never really got around to it, but this time I've actually gotten as far as a first post.  Progress!  It seems like everyone else has one, so why not give it a try, right?  Not that I think that I have anything particularly unique to contribute - I worry that starting a blog will come over as a bit show-off-ey or 'look at me!'

[I still worry about that a bit, but it's not like I *make* people read it!]

At the same time, I like the idea of an outlet to keep track of the random thoughts that go through my brain and the things I like to do.  I have a lot of interests across a broad range of the nerd/geek spectrum, so it's always nice to talk to like-minded people and share recommendations!

My general (vague) plan is to post some little articles around the topics I love - anything from cinema to crafts, board games to books. Ideally I would post some reviews but I'm not sure I'd know where to start - practice needed!

[Tried a couple in the end - I'm still not very good at them!  I don't think I ever settled on a consistent way of doing it, which didn't help!]

Gaming will probably feature quite heavily as there are a lot of boardgames in the house!  I also play some Warhammer (I have a half finished Tomb Kings army) and Malifaux, so I might put up some painting articles when I get my brushes back out for the winter.  Then there's PC and console gaming - I'm a recovering Warcraft addict (almost 3 years clean!) currently mildly obsessed with Animal Crossing and Pokemon on my 3DS.

[This is all still true, including the poor half finished (and now potentially useless) Tomb Kings army, which I'm still determined to finish!  I still have Malifaux to paint and some other plans in that area.  My husband is also keen for me to try a game called 'Infinity', although I sense this may be to justify the purchase of more small plastic figures of his own... Oh and the poor 3DS is languishing unplayed in its case at the moment!]

I'm a big fan of Dr Who (50th Anniversary week, yay!) and Star Trek as well as lots of the other usual geek-based TV, but I also love documentaries.  I originally trained as a physicist, so if there's something sciencey on I'll probably be watching!

[The 50th Anniversary week was great in the end - I went along to the event at the ExCeL centre and am planning on doing the same this year in November!]

I've also just started to learn Japanese and love to watch anime, read manga etc so that may creep in somewhere!
Oh, and I like to experiment with hair, make-up, nails etc...

[Pfft, like there's time for that any more!!]

All a bit eclectic, really.  Hopefully there'll be something in that lot to interest someone out there! If not, maybe this can serve as a little time capsule for myself, detailing the frivolous things I fill my life with...

So there it is - I talked nonsense then, and I shall probably talk nonsense going forward. Let's see how long I stick with it this time!

Random Nerdery - Board game shelves
We still have too many games!!