Thursday 13 August 2015

Upcoming Nerdery - August 2015

Since it's rainy and rubbish outside, I thought I'd cheer myself up by making a list of some of the geek-based things I'm looking forward to over the coming months:

Portal board game (Q3 2015)
Portal is one of my favourite computer games, so I was super excited to find out that it was being turned into a board game!
Portal board game
Loving the 70s box! (from the Cryptozoic website)
Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game by Valve and Cryptozoic has been delayed for ages since the original first look in 2014. It's now due in Q3 2015, and seeing as it's Q3 already I'm starting to wonder where my cake is. (Oh yes, it does come with little plastic cake! And companion cubes... Squee!)

Handmade Fair (Hampton Court Palace, 18th-20th September 2015)
Hopefully there'll be lots of inspiration here for new things to make, with craft demonstrations on stage and plenty of stalls to shop at. We have some workshops booked throughout the day where you get to make something to take away, so I shall post up the (potentially disastrous) results here!

MCM London Comic Con (London ExCeL, 23-25th October 2015)
I've never actually been to a Comic convention before, and it'll be baby's first convention. I'm not sure who will be there yet, but doubtless there will be many merchandise stalls to browse and lots of cool costumes to see. Can't wait!  More details here if you want to come along too.

Doctor Who Festival (London ExCeL, 13-15th November 2015)
I went to this convention in 2013 when it was held for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebration. The panels and exhibits were all brilliant, so I'm looking forward to more of the same this time (although perhaps not quite on the same scale!)